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    Why settle for a job when you can have a career?

    Most people spend about one third of their adult life at work – so make sure you enjoy what you’re doing! VROOM VROOM Recruitment are experts in the automotive sector at matching job candidates with roles that fit their skillset, geographic location, cultural requirements and remuneration expectations.

    Our industry knowledge, experience and connections often prove to be the difference in matching jobseekers to suitable employment. Our results driven, go-the-extra-mile approach has made us the go-to option for automotive sector employees because we are efficient and effective at providing genuine results our clients rave about.

    As a first step, we’ll advise on the professionalism of your resume and its attractiveness to potential employers. We partner with a proven resume writer so you can be confident the best you will be put forward.

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    Here’s a Rundown of some Resume Basics.

    Name, rank and serial number…

    Those essential bits and pieces of information like location, contact details and your name.

    Career Objective…

    What makes you hum like an optimally tuned V12 engine? Pitch yourself.

    Skills, Strengths…

    The other elements of you that make you attractive to an employer.

    Work Experience…

    Current role first then go back in time in reverse chronology.


    Remember those pieces of paper you worked so hard for? List them here.


    Those previous employers who were sad to see you go.

    First job? What do your teachers think about you?

    Length and Format…

    KISS – Keep it Simple, Stupid.

    A clear, concise resume wins the day every time. Set it out systematically, keep the same font, embolden headlines and communicate clearly. Here’s the thing… grab them in the first 15 seconds and don’t lose them in the details. The purpose of your resume is to make the potential employer want to call you. That’s it.

    Oh… and make sure your spelling and grammar get pole position!

    Cover Letters…

    Sealing the deal with an expertly written cover letter can make the difference between close candidates. Make yours hit the mark and intrigue the reader. Remember… the point is to get the reader to make a phone call.

    Need resume help? Call Steve Sweeney on 0459 412 521. He’s an expert resume writer who’ll ensure yours presents the best you. Steve’s resume writing experience is vast and he’ll ensure yours is polished and sits on the top of the pile.