The Service Team

Sam Barbagallo 

The labour market has changed dramatically over the last couple of decades. More than ever, jobseekers are looking for meaningful careers in organisations that do more than produce widgets or provide services. These days, employees need to know organisations have the best interests of the planet and the local community at heart. They want to feel part of a bigger cause, a larger community, an organisation with a higher purpose.

Similarly, employers realise that employees with a tick-a-box mentality are prone to churn and burn habits and conduct their human interactions with little care or concern for the welfare of others. This results in cold work places that are unproductive and difficult to manage.

My two decades of experience in recruitment and human resources has taught me over and over to take the time initially with both employers and jobseekers to ensure the right cultural fit for each. In particular, the automotive sector sees a high percentage of people with specialist skills and the employers who require them. It’s a privilege to be able to assist both parties to find each other in what is undoubtedly a turbulent time for this industry. I’ve enjoyed tracking the careers and company growth of my clients and know they are all making substantial inroads on making their workplaces healthy and happy places to produce great outcomes.

Marina Li Rosi 

Marina has a knack for finding Service and Workshop staff. She’s been recruiting in the automotive industry since she started her job five years ago. Her down-to-earth conversation style makes candidates feel at ease when discussing career opportunities with her, which is why Marina is a successful recruiter.

Marina understands the skills required in identifying the right fit for organisations based on skills and finding the right cultural fit.
Marina knows there is a science to “gut feelings”, and she is very curious when interviewing candidates to ensure the feeling is right between candidates and employers.

You can contact Marina on 0488 847 514

Jo Li Rosi 

Jo has developed a passion for being a voice to candidates in the automotive industry, matching them to employers who understand people are their greatest assets.

Jo is a spirited person with over 25 years of experience in customer service; she has a deep belief relationships are built on trust and honesty.

What makes Jo a fantastic automotive recruiter? Her ability to listen and truly understand what’s important to workshop candidates be it dealerships or the aftermarket arena.

If you are a Technician/Mechanic, Tyre specialist, Fitter, Trade Assistant or any other workshop specialist, Jo is the “go-to person.”

Call Jo today on 0481 610 038.